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Dietary supplement: Finding Innovation at Chenland Nutritionals

No matter how much society develops, our expectations for physical health remain consistent. The demand for high-quality and natural nutrition is the common pursuit for consumers worldwide. When we choose to take in medicines or health products to achieve the expected nutritional effects, problems in the quality and efficacy of the ingredients also follow.

– Have you ever worried if calcium supplements can truly provide long-lasting bone health support? 

– Are you looking for an all-natural solution to lower blood pressure? 

– Do you suffer from lack of sleep, anxiety, or depression?

If so, Chenland Nutritionals is here to provide support. Through Chenland’s scientific research platform and manufacturing technology, we have launched a number of branded ingredients that meet international quality standards, including:

  • Eubone for supporting healthy bone function and improving calcium absorption
  • CuminUP60® for high load and high bioavailability curcumin
  • ClamBP for regulating blood pressure and promoting heart and kidney health
  • JointAlive® for maintaining healthy joint functions, supporting joint flexibility, and mobility
  • MoodElite® for enhancing sleep quality and alleviating anxiety & depression
  • Jadeimmune for strengthening immunity and respiratory & lung health


Chenland: Creating innovative health solutions from TCM

As the leading supplier of natural branded ingredients, Chenland Nutritionals, Inc. uses complementary and alternative medicine as the theoretical basis to make the innovative collision of traditional medicine and modern technology come true. Our mission is to improve the quality of human life through the global supply of ingredients and high-quality dietary supplements.

Research capability

Chenland’s innovative research, R&D capability and scientific research platform brings Chenland at the forefront of the nutritional industry by creating natural, safe, stable and efficient product characteristics for every brand ingredient we create. We hold Research and Development centers in San Diego, New York and China, dedicated to providing professional product development and innovative application solutions. Our formulations have also received an FDA-NDI notification, more than 16 invention patents, and many other outstanding scientific research results.

At the same time, Chenland has the top R&D scientific research expert team in the U.S. We are cooperating with research experts from prestigious universities including Cornell University, Harvard University, and University of Chicago, and more. We do all of this to provide innovative products, so you can choose the optimal choice for natural ingredients and premium health.

Ingredients selection

Our ingredients are all subject to strict quality testing. We select only globally certified GAP herbs and marine organisms to ensure our ingredients promote safety, quality and sustainability. In addition, to protect the integrity and sustainability of the local ecological environment, Chenland harvests herbs by precisely following the natural growth laws in cultivation sites. A favorable environment yields premier quality. 

Quality control

Modern scientific equipment and technology include HPTLC, HPLC, Holographic fingerprint technology, proteomic and genomic analysis, and molecular biological validation utilized to scientifically validate TCM health benefit through in-vitro and in-vivo testing, preclinical studies and human clinical trials to find out the health benefits of our natural ingredients. Our key process technology includes green and sustainable extraction, fermentation transformation, and medicine preparation to improve the fluidity, dispersion, stability, bioavailability of our natural ingredients.

Chenland strives to revitalize the multitude of benefits traditional medicine can provide by combining innovative scientific advancement with clinically backed branded ingredients to ensure the health and well-being for our valuable customers for years to come.