Chenland Series: An Innovative Technology to
Enhance Curcumin Bioavailability

An innovative technology – CGSF, to solve the problem of curcumin absorption (Highlight CGSF technological innovation)

Curcumin is a polyphenolic natural antioxidant with various pharmacological activities such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumor, liver protection. But its poor absorption and oral bioavailability is the challenge.

To solve this problem, Chenland R&D team conducted a series of technical research and obtained the results. We selected high-quality curcumin (≥ 95%) from India as start material and innovated the micron Co-Grinding Solvent Free process through modern preparation technology. The curcumin content of CuminUP60® is greater than 60% under this patented technology.

We blended curcumin and food grade excipient straightly through patented CGSF technology without any solvents and separation technologies in the whole process. The process avoided pollution and waste and followed green environmental protection and low-carbon sustainable production.

CuminUP60® established its higher curcumin absorption rate and better solubility based on CGSF technology.

The insoluble curcumin was wrapped in the hydrophobic core of our preferred excipient. The hydrophilic shell of excipient was compatible with water, and assembled into a nano-micelle structure of “hydrophobic core-hydrophilic shell” in water, increasing the solubility of curcumin. It could quickly form a gel in vivo and stick to the action site, delay the release of curcumin, furtherly increase the curcumin blood concentration and bioavailability.

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Fig 1:

CuminUP60® increased the bioavailability based on patent CGSF technology


Scientific evidence (Highlight solubility and bioavailability)

CuminUP60® could disperse in water better than normal curcumin, showing higher solubility. The experiment proved that the dissolution rate of CuminUP60® curcumin exceeds 80% at 20min.

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Fig 2:

CuminUP60® showed higher solubility than normal curcumin.


Pharmacokinetic results in vivo showed that the oral bioavailability of CuminUP60® significantly improved by oral administration. Compared with normal curcumin and other brand curcumin in the market, CuminUP60® presented higher relative bioavailability.

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Fig 3:

CuminUP60® showed higher bioavailability than other brands.

Product A: Indian brand

Product B: Italian brand