The Marine Peptide for Blood Pressure Support

Patent No. ZL201710976766.7

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What is ClamBP®

Utilizes marine protein peptides prepared by our eco-friendly patented bionic enzymolysis technology of Philippine clams. Traceability is guaranteed through strict quality control throughout the production process.

Why Choose ClamBP®

ClamBP® is our natural solution to promote blood circulation, help maintain normal blood pressure, and provide hypertension support. It has many applications to provide a boost to healthy blood pressure and to support an overall healthier heart and life.

Health Benefits

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Supports Normal Blood Pressure

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Promotes cardiovascular, circulatory, and metabolic health

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Promotes blood circulation


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Can be applied to dietary supplements, food and beverages


Amount per serving: 500 mg daily
Food & Beverage: 1 serving
Dietary Supplement: 2 servings
Medical food: 4 servings

Applicable to

People looking to Support Overall Renal and Circulatory Health
People looking to Maintain Blood Pressure
People looking to Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels

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