Company Profile

Chenland Platform to Develop Science Based
Natural Ingredients

Chenland Nutritionals has been a leader to validate the health benefit of traditional medicine. We have established a platform and process to utilize the ancient wisdom, knowledge and modern scientific technology.

It all starts with traditional medicine formulations and well authenticated herbs. In vitro studies, preclinical animal trials, mechanism of action studies via proteomic biotechnology, and toxicity study are then carried out to prove the formulation efficacy and safety. Once we deem our formulations satisfactory, human clinical trials follow with this fully implemented platform, we have developed JointAlive® for joint health, EuBone™ for bone health, JadeImmune™ for boosting immunity, MoodElite® for mood enhancement, CuminUP60® for high load and high bioavailability curcumin, ClamBP™ for pressure regulation and EasyMind for menopausal health.

We strive to revitalize the multitude of benefits traditional medicine can provide by combining innovative scientific advancement with clinically backed branded ingredients to ensure the health and well-being for our valuable customers for years to come.