Company Profile

Company Profile

Chenland Nutritionals, Inc. works with the world’s top nutrition experts for innovative research collaboration. We conducted in-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies of herbal and marine formulations utilized in over 2000 years of Traditional Asian Medicine to ensure that our ingredients are effective. Our herbs are hand-selected and reasonably sourced only from Authentic Medicinal Material Cultivation Areas, designed to be fully traceable from Harvest to Extract.

Our Global Headquarters are located in Irvine, California. We have three scientific research bases in San Diego, New York and China, that carry out new drug preclinical research and safety studies to help us and our clients with product development and practical applications. We also have two manufacturing sites in Gansu, China and Los Angeles, California to conduct customized OEM/ODM contract services for globally finished food, beverage, and dietary supplement products.

In order to widely promote and develop the application technology of Asian medicinal herbs and marine life, our company is determined to set up a global industrial platform to provide services in the fields of marketing and sales, exhibition, recruitment and accountant for those who also work on the same application technology of Asian medicinal herbs and marine life. We are determined to promote import and export, assist with sales and provide diversified solutions for drug and dietary supplement.

We will provide consumers with a break of geographical restrictions by connecting internet with air express, finally realizing the experimental of international online shopping.

President Message

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I entered the dietary supplement industry in 1996, witnessing developments and changes in the industry over the course of more than 20 years. I realized as more time passed, that no matter how the market changed, no ideal was higher to strive for than that of quality, reliable nutritional ingredients.

In my search for discovering high-quality raw materials I found that a rise in popularity of raw herbal materials led to an imbalance between supply and demand. Low-quality ingredients had gradually shifted their way into the dietary market. These synthetic products not only pose health risks to consumers, but also compromise consumer awareness and confidence in natural nutrition products.

To achieve this vision, I visited industry experts around the world and found several partners who share my ideals. We decided to form a team to propose natural brand ingredients, undergoing rigorous safety tests and efficacy evaluations, selecting only responsibly sourced authentic medicinal ingredients that were fully traceable from seed all the way to extract. With the aid of over 2000 years of traditional Chinese medicine, our process carries out innovative research combined with internationally advanced scientific research and technological prowess.

Only globally certified, natural, GAP herbs and marine organisms are selected as our raw materials when conducting in vivo and in vitro studies. Ensuring our products are naturally sourced provides application guidance for our manufacturers, easing the burden of our product efficacy verification to expedite the development process.

No matter how much society develops, our expectations for physical health remain consistent. Our mission is to focus on our core values by providing natural and effective nutritional ingredients that contribute to the health of all human beings in the world.



, Company Profile, chenland, chenland