Natural Product Insider: MoodElite®, Chenland’s Premium Solution for Mental Stress

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic may be stressful for people. Anxiety and stress about this disease can be overwhelming and can cause some mental problems. Public health actions such as social distancing and work from home can make people feel more isolated and even more stressed out. According to the recent Gallup Poll, there are about 60% of US adults experienced significant stress these days, which is a whopping 15% increase from January 2018.

Social Distancing and stay at home orders might affect mental well-being and thus trigger depression, anxiety and many other mental health problems. Multitasking, including children and elder care, work from home, homeschooling, even home exercise all requires focus and working memory, however, sometimes it just makes people feel stressed out. How to cope with stress issues nowadays has become a hot topic during this pandemic time.

Dietary supplement now is a popular alternative solution for stress and cognitive health and has already become a booming category with increasing sales. The COVID-19 prompted consumers to focus more on their overall health-and they are seeking for all kinds of supplement, not only immune health products but also stress, mood and cognitive support supplements.

When looking for condition specific supplements, consumers nowadays desire more effective and research backed formulations that made with safe and natural ingredients. Chenland’s fast-acting herbal supplement MoodElite® is a high-quality branded solution for relieving depression and stress. MoodElite® is a combination of scientifically backed natural ingredients, which can effectively provide relief from depressive symptoms and balance mental stress—all while promoting sleep quality to make your day full of relaxation and pleasure. 

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