Natural Product Insider: Jadeimmune™, Chenland’s New
Immunity Product, Meets All Your Demand for Immune Health

Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, people are reevaluating their life habits and diets. Many of them see the dietary supplement as a key factor to maintain their health. Thus, the immune health market is expanding rapidly at this moment and the sales of immune tied products spikes. The market research firms IRI’s COVID-19 and the Economy: Tracking the Dramatic Pivot of U.S. consumer and shopper behavior report showed that sales of immunity products surged 199% for the year ending March 22, 2020.

Traditional health and wellness advices for boosting immune system like exercise, have balanced diet now are insufficient under this pandemic situation and thus many people are turning to try dietary supplements for their body health. The changing consumer behavior drives the increased share of immune support products sales of the whole dietary supplement market, everything from common vitamins, minerals, herbs even to branded ingredients.

Furthermore, consumers now are more proactive and they prefer to choose trustworthy products with premium quality. It is unlikely for them to buy products without research back up and science support. Now is the best time to introduce new immunity support options.

Chenland’s newly launched immunity product, JadeimmuneTM, provides you the unique and innovative formulation for your immune health by incorporating natural herbal ingredients with immune strengthening properties.

Please see the exclusive Q&A interview of JadeimmuneTM below in Natural Products Insider for more detailed information about the product:

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