Vitafoods Insights: Chenland is Exciting to be Part
of the Digital Week to Introduce Our Newly Launched
Ingredient-Jadeimmune™ for Immune Health

2020 begins with a tough challenge for all human being. No one could have predicted the situation and restriction we now find ourselves under because of the coronavirus outbreak. However, due to the pandemic, there are sales spikes in a range of immune health ingredients which has shown the highest growth.  There are more nutraceutical brands rushing new formulations to market to top up their existing range.  

The main reason why nutraceutical brands are delivering immune-boosting solution is because of the changing consumers. Quite rightfully, consumers are proactively trying to improve their immunity through diet, supplementation and lifestyle decisions. Over the last couple of decades, consumers have been subject to pandemics such as MERS, SARS many others, with only little evidence of long-standing behavior change. But with COVID-19, there are a number of concerns that will be on the mind of consumers, such as the risk of second and third wave of the disease, how long it will take to find a vaccine and what happens when governments begin exit strategies from country lockdowns. There consumers are especially likely to continue to seek out products that boost their health and minimize the risk of disease and illness.’ (Bastiaannse, 2020)

At this moment, Chenland devotes to seek unique and innovative formulation for your immune health by incorporating natural authentic herbal ingredients with immune strengthening properties: the JadeimmuneTM.

Please see the exclusive Q&A interview of JadeimmuneTM below in Vitafoods Insights for more detailed information about the product:

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