Post-Pandemic Panic in the US: How Can We
Get Through the Phychological Stress?

According to the recent poll released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused nearly half (45%) of adults in the United States to experience a negative impact in their mental health including sleep and diet-related problems that can lead to excessive drinking, bursts of anger, or exacerbation of pre-existing medical conditions. These pressures have been also found to affect frontline health workers, as well as individuals who have recently lost their job due to economic stress.[1]

“What we’re really seeing is a global experience of anxiety, and how that’s impacting our day-to-day lives,” explains Kelli Finley, Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Marin County.[2]   As nearly a third of the world’s population is in a state of long-term isolation through social distancing during the pandemic, these conditions often cultivate feelings of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. For some, one key reason that drives anxiety is the looming fear that themselves, or family members, may become infected by the coronavirus. For people who affected by economic pressures, many say that they have fallen behind in paying bills or had problems affording household expenses like food or health insurance coverage due to the coronavirus outbreak.[3]

As the epidemic continues to loom with the threat of negatively affecting the body and mind, people who are directly impacted create a considerable market demand for immune and cognitive health solutions. While many would seek out mental health therapy or similar health services to solve these problems, these departments are currently on hold, making it difficult to find a solution at hand. In the absence of medication or psychiatrist’s guidance, improving emotional health through dietary supplement is crucial to solving the problem.

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