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Natural Product Insider: MoodEliteTM, Chenland’s Premium Solution For Mental Stress


The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic may be stressful for people. Anxiety and stress about this disease can be overwhelming and can cause some mental problems. Public health actions such as social distancing and work from home can make people feel more isolated and even more stressed out. According to the recent Gallup Poll, there are about 60% of US adults experienced significant stress these days, which is a whopping 15% increase from January 2018.

ChenlandTM Series: How Long Have You Not Relaxed Your Mind During The Virus Pandemic?


MoodEliteTM is a mood regulator with 3 herbs: St. John’s wort, Eleuthero and Mu-Dan-Pi. These herbs have been widely reported in relieving anxiety.

Post-Pandemic Panic In The US: How Can We Get Through The Phychological Stress? 


According to the recent poll released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused nearly half (45%) of adults in the United States to experience a negative impact in their mental health including sleep and diet-related problems that can lead to excessive drinking, bursts of anger, or exacerbation of pre-existing medical conditions. These pressures have been also found to affect frontline health workers, as well as individuals who have recently lost their job due to economic stress.

Vitafoods Insights: Chenland is exciting to be part of the Digital week to introduce our newly launched ingredients- JadeimmuneTM for immune health


At this moment, Chenland devotes to seek unique and innovative formulation for your immune health by incorporating natural authentic herbal ingredients with immune strengthening properties: the JadeimmuneTM.

Natural Product Insider:  JadeimmuneTM, Chenland’s New Immunity Product, Meets All Your Demand for Immune Health



Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, people are reevaluating their life habits and diets. Many of them see the dietary supplement as a key factor to maintain their health. Thus, the immune health market is expanding rapidly at this moment and the sales of immune tied products spikes. The market research firms IRI’s COVID-19 and the Economy: Tracking the Dramatic Pivot of U.S. consumer and shopper behavior report showed that sales of immunity products surged 199% for the year ending March 22, 2020.

Formulation of JadeimmuneTM Plays an Important Role in the Prevention of COVID-19



JadeimmuneTM is a classical TCM formulation consisting of Astragalus, Atractylodes and Saposhnikovia. It has been reported that SARS-CoV-2 protein has a significant affinity with angiotensin-converting enzyme II (ACE2) in human body, causing viruses invading and disease.


Natural Products Insider: JointaliveTM and EuboneTM, the natural solutions for Healthy Aging and Joint Support


Nowadays, people around the world have a greater desire to enrich their quality of life as the overall longevity of lifespan increased. Healthy aging now is a hot topic, it not only about extra years of life but to stay in good health. How to improve function deterioration and make this natural life condition more pleasant recently have become the common concerns of aged people.


Chenland Research Update:Safety and Efficacy of JointAlive™ on the Knee-joint Function in Adults With Knee Arthritis


A new clinical trial will be conducted based on the safety and efficacy of JointAlive™ on the knee-joint function in adults with knee arthritis. The clinical trial has been officially approved by the Health Canada, and has registered on, a resource provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.