Say Hello to Your Best Friend’s New Favorite Treat!
Pets Love Curcumin too!

As of 2019, the pet supplement market size was valued at $596.8 million, and is estimated to reach $822.6 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 7.3% from 2021 to 2027. The key factors driving this market include socio-economic changes and the tendency to the humanization of animals. Among all pet supplements, curcumin has been approved for use in pets especially for older pets. As a well-known pet’s “gold element”, curcumin has benefits that far surpass other ingredients, including reducing chronic inflammation, enhancing pets’ comprehensive immunity, supporting healthy joint functions, and more.

But in the process of choosing the best curcumin for your pet, it’s hard to choose the right one. Although the source of curcumin may look the same (turmeric extraction), the quality of curcumin products is determined in many ways.

So, what are the gold-standard qualities in curcumin for pets?

Bioavailability is the Key

Although curcumin has become the focus of hundreds of clinical data due to its efficacy, there is still a major defect. Unprocessed turmeric and general curcumin extracts are difficult to be effectively absorbed by the body. This can be said to be a major drawback of the curcumin, which limits its application in the field of pet food and health products.  With CuminUP60®, we’ve found the answer to increased bioavailability directly into the bloodstream!

CuminUP60® is made using Chenland’s CGSF patented technology to promote the absorption of curcumin in the body. A single equivalent dose, randomized crossover-design clinical study on oral bioavailability to compare the relative bioavailability between CuminUP60® and regular 95% curcumin has recently reached completion. Our results show that after 72 hours, CuminUP60® showed significantly higher plasma curcumin concentrations by 10 times.

, Say Hello to Your Best Friend’s New Favorite Treat! Pets Loves Curcumin too!, chenland, chenland, Say Hello to Your Best Friend’s New Favorite Treat! Pets Loves Curcumin too!, chenland, chenland

The Palatability Needs to be Strong

After knowing the benefits of curcumin, many parents or manufacturers may just add turmeric powder directly to their pet’s food bowl, or add unprocessed turmeric extract directly to the product. However, this method may have some problems. For example, many pets will not like the original taste of turmeric. Therefore, in addition to “natural” and “healthy”, “deliciousness” is also the key when deciding the best turmeric solution for your pet.

Chenland uses its scientific methods to improve the palatability of CuminUP60®, so that pets can eat happily and healthily. With its balanced nutritional formulation and good texture, pets will love it just as we people prefer to eat food made from high-quality ingredients.

Minimize the dose and be effective

Taking a minimum dosage of Curcumin is not only cost-effective, but also great for picky pets. Some common curcumin extracts on the market often have various problems such as low curcumin loading and low bioavailability, which makes manufacturers have to increase the dosage to maintain certain product health effects.

The reason why CuminUP60® can be able to keep curcumin at the minimum dose to achieve maximum benefits, is that our branded ingredient exceeds 60% of curcumin loading, and the significantly higher plasma curcumin concentration by 10 times. In this way, CuminUP60® once again uses the smallest dose to ensure that pets can get the maximum health benefits from it.

, Say Hello to Your Best Friend’s New Favorite Treat! Pets Loves Curcumin too!, chenland, chenland

In Chenland’s latest studies, Jadeimmune™ can also be used in the immune health solutions of the pet market, while supporting the respiratory health and physical fitness for pets.

After a successful week at the Natural Product Expo East, we’re excited to move forward with the result! (Need some photos from the Expo!)