Wellbeing subsidiary KGK Science Announces
Positive Clinical Trial Results of GJ 191 (JointAlive®) Supplementation in treating OA

Vancouver, British Columbia, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. (“luxury“or the”a company”) (NEO: midi) (Off the stock exchange: Conf) (From: SQ2), an evidence-based mental health care company focused on developing and implementing innovative clinical solutions, including psychedelic medicine and digital therapies as supported by clinical research, announces that a clinical study conducted by KGK Science Inc. Its wholly-owned subsidiary (“KGK”) has positive results from supplementation with GJ 191 (“JointAlive®”) in the treatment of osteoporosis (OA).

GJ 191 is a natural health product developed by Chenland Nutritionals, Inc. It is a combination of three traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients including EpimediumAnd the Salvia miltiorizzaAnd the Dioscoria excerpts. In the recent KGK study investigating GJ 191 supplementation, results showed that it was safe and effective in improving knee joint function in adults with knee osteoarthritis (OA) and self-reported knee pain who were otherwise healthy.

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled intervention showed that supplementation with GJ 191 provided reductions in current knee pain at 6 and 12 weeks, whereas those given the placebo reported no improvement. Additionally, after 12 weeks, 53% of participants taking GJ 191 reported a clinically significant improvement in their symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. By comparison, only 28% of participants in the placebo group reached the same threshold.

“This clinically targeted change has an impact in this cohort of patients with self-reported knee pain,” says Dr. Mal Evans, chief scientific officer of KGK Science.

Chenland Nutritionals Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Zimin Liu, added, “JointAlive® is the first TCM-based formula that promotes joint health within 7 days, improves joint flexibility and helps maintain joint health. In addition, the Department of food and drug so (“Food and Drug Administration”), without objection, as a new food component and on 3 structural functions. This study is a critical step in providing consumers with scientific and safe alternatives to address aches and discomfort and bring natural health products to market.”

72 males and females aged 40-73 years were enrolled in this study. Participants took either GJ 191 or a placebo daily for 12 weeks.

More detailed results from this study will be available upon publication.

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KGK, a subsidiary of Wellbeing Digital Sciences, is a leading North American contract research organization headquartered in London, Ontario that primarily provides high-quality clinical research trials with a focus on healthcare and emerging nutritional products. Founded in 1997, the company has successfully helped hundreds of companies with tailored clinical trials and claims-proof strategies to move products to global markets. Other current service lines of KGK include expert regulatory support, compliance solutions, participant recruitment, research support services, and advisory services. Furthermore, the company has issued more than 150 publications, executed more than 400 clinical trials across more than 40 indicators, collected 25,000 participants in its database and collected 10 million data points. For additional information, please visit kgkscience.com.

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Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. is an evidence-based mental health care company focused on developing and implementing innovative clinical treatment solutions, including psychedelic medicine and digital therapies, as backed by clinical research. Its mission is supported by a network of North American clinics that provide forward-looking therapies and other types of treatment to patients as well as by a contract research organization that provides clinical trial services to clients pursuing drug development. For additional information, please visit wellbeingdigital.co.

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Chenland Nutritionals is a developer and manufacturer of branded ingredients. We develop branded ingredients based on traditional Chinese medicine and validate their health benefit through lab tests, animal studies and human clinical trials.

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Well-being subsidiary KGK Science announces positive results


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