BioChito®: Natural Marine Oligosaccharides for
All-Round Gut Care

COVID-19 has created many changes in the interests of global consumers, most importantly the awareness of health and health-related products has soared to new heights. During the pandemic many new immune health products have launched, and the sales of health-related dietary supplements are also rising. Among them, gut health is an important line of defense for immune health. Due to the relationship between the gut microbiome and the immune system, there has been interest in nutrients that support both gut and immune health. Prebiotics are the preferred nutrients in many products because of their high effectiveness and extremely low risk.

In recent years prebiotics, as an important food additive, have been widely used in the global market. Prebiotic-related dietary supplements are growing rapidly, and most functional foods, functional beverages, and functional dairy products contain prebiotics. However, the quantity of prebiotics in most natural food sources is low, additionally, industrial synthesis of many types of prebiotics is expense and inefficient. BioChito® uses cutting edge technology to sustainably bring natural prebiotics to consumers. Chitosan Oligosaccharide – known as “marine prebiotics” and “the sixth life element of human beings”, it is made from chitosan depolymerization and is an upgraded product of the chitosan products. Its advantages include low molecular weight, good water solubility, multiple health benefits, and high biological activity.

Oligosaccharides from the Deep Ocean

, BioChito®: Natural Marine Oligosaccharides for All-Round Gut Care, chenland, chenland

BioChito® is a functional Chitosan Oligosaccharide (COS) that is derived from Alaska Bering Sea snow shell crab. BioChito® is sustainably sourced using eco-friendly enzymolysis technology, resulting in concentrated and stable molecular mass distribution. Traceability is guaranteed through strict enforcement of quality control throughout the entire production process.

, BioChito®: Natural Marine Oligosaccharides for All-Round Gut Care, chenland, chenland

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