Enriching Quality of Life


Making innovative natural products for a better world.

At Chenland, our mission is to focus on our core values by providing natural and effective nutritional ingredients that contribute to the health of all human beings in the world. We strives to continuously advance and discover safe, natural, and effective ingredients that benefit human health based on scientific research and clinically proven formulations.

Branded Ingredients

Our branded ingredients are scientifically supported by preclinical tests and clinical trials, and guaranteed safety through various toxicity studies and long human consumption history. The ingredients are developed based on over 2,000 years of TCM, and manufactured using authentic materials with full traceability from Harvest to Extract.


We have three R&D centers in San Diego, New York and China committed to providing professional product development and novel applications. We also provide customized OEM/ODM contract services for our customers globally. Our comprehensive analytical testing capabilities include HPTLC, HPLC, Holographic fingerprint technology, proteomic and genomic analysis, and molecular biological validation through globally advanced scientific technology.

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Chenland selects only globally certified GAP herbs and marine organisms to ensure our ingredient’s safety, quality, and sustainability.

The quality control studies validate mechanisms of action, efficacies, and impact on human health utilizing knowledge from over 2,000 years of Chinese medicine. We follow the strict guidelines of quality control, from the selection of medicinal materials to the final product, to guarantee the efficacy of all ingredients.


Chenland emphasizes environmental stability and puts nature at heart of our formulations. We are dedicated to preserving the environment by following environmental protection regulations, laws, guidelines, and procedures to keep equilibrium between animals and their environment. Additionally, Chenland only harvests herbs by following natural growth laws at cultivation sites. We also have a complete waste disposal management system with main production facilities certified as ISO14001. Chenland will always devote its efforts to minimize our impact on the environment.

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