Curcumin 101: Learning How to Make the
Best Curcumin Supplement for Your Health

, Curcumin 101: Learning How to Make the Best Curcumin Supplement for Your Health, chenland, chenland

A striking clinical case was published in BMJ Case Reports in 2018 of Dieneke Ferguson, 67, who beat her deadly blood cancer when she started taking a daily dose of curcumin. Doctors said that, despite having no further treatment, her condition had remained stable for the last five years.[1] The news instantly made curcumin a global hit with dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages and even cosmetics industries introducing curcumin into their products. Today, curcumin holds a dominating presence in the market worldwide.

Curcumin’s research background stems prior to the 1990’s. Curcumin’s main component, turmeric, is thought to be a potential component of its health-promoting properties. With a testing history of more than 120 clinical trials, curcumin also has a long history of use in traditional medicines of China and India including treatment of inflammatory, skin, and hepatic diseases. Nowadays, more medical research has shown that curcumin has additional beneficial properties including antioxidant and chemotherapeutic activity. [2]

However, there are some setbacks to Curcumin’s all-reaching benefits. Research has found that curcumin itself displays poor solubility in water and chemical instability. Despite its efficacy and safety, the therapeutic potential of curcumin is debated due to its relatively poor bioavailability in humans, even when administered at high dosage (12 g/day).[3]

Scientific research institutions around the world are racing to figure out how to fine-turn the molecule to develop a highly absorbable curcumin product. Chenland looks to join this race in our pursuit of providing the best innovative health solutions. CuminUP60®, is our brand ingredient utilizing Patent Pending CGSF technology, and is the premium solution to Curcumin’s low bioavailability. Usage of the Co-Grinding Solvent Free process provides an eco-friendly and sustainable solvent-free method to produce CuminUP60®, incorporating high purity curcuminoids to significantly improve curcumin water solubility and bioavailability.

Chenland’s premier mission is to provide natural and effective ingredients and continuously advance to discover safe, natural, and effective ingredients that benefit human health across the globe. Our innovative brand ingredients are made to meet the increasing demands of natural health that are scientifically backed to be safe and effective. 




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