Preclinical Studies: A 100% Plant-Based Bone Health

Dietary bone health supplements on the market often contain a large amount of calcium, magnesium, minerals, and vitamins that have low absorption rates when consumed. Traditional Vitamin D3 and K2 can improve calcium absorption, but the improvement is limited. [1]

We tested the effectiveness of EuBoneTM on preventing Osteoporosis for 8 weeks in OVX rat models built by glucocorticoid injection. The results showed that taking EuBoneTM can significantly increase bone density and elasticity, indicating that EuBoneTM has the effect of reducing the risk of fracture.

EuBoneTM is a 100% natural herbal formula without calcium addition. However, we found an increase in the calcium and phosphorus concentration in blood and a decrease in urine. The animal diet indicates that EuBoneTM may promote calcium absorption, which is similar to calcium boosters like vitamin D3 and K2. In order to further verify this conclusion, we compared the changes of CA and P in blood between the EuBoneTM group and traditional product (including Ca, Vit D3, Vit K2) group. EuBoneTM group shows better Ca and P metabolism, although additional calcium is taken in the traditional product group.

, Preclinical Studies: A 100% Plant-Based Bone Health Solution, chenland, chenland
, Preclinical Studies: A 100% Plant-Based Bone Health Solution, chenland, chenland

Osteoporosis degree is observed through 3D micro-CT scanning

We can see EuBoneTM ‘s effectiveness directly on improving microscopic morphology of bone.

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