Want to Have Stronger Bones? Calcium May Not be
the Fix-All Solution to Promoting Bone Health


If you want to keep your bones healthy, you will need to take calcium,” this is the standard belief for many looking to improve their bone health. Additionally, as we age, many starts to worry about the risk of Osteoporosis, so they often take calcium supplements in large quantities daily. However, can it really guaranteed to keep our bones healthy?

In reality, it’s not that simple. In fact, there are two downsides to calcium absorption during our daily nutrition intake. First, the absorption rate of calcium decreases with age. The calcium absorption rate is about 50 percent for infants, 40 percent for children, and will drop to 20 percent for adults, with only about 15 percent absorption in the elderly.[1] In addition, problems with Anachlorhydria and elevated phosphate levels might interfere with the absorption of calcium. Foods like grains and vegetables contain oxalic acid, phytic acid and phosphoric acid which are substances that easily bind to calcium, resulting in low calcium absorption. [2]

If calcium cannot be effectively absorbed and utilized by our body, calcium will be excreted with the digestive system no matter how many calcium supplements we eat. Therefore, the process of efficiently absorbing calcium into the bloodstream value has been the subject of intensive research at Chenland.

Take Extra Meal for Your Bones

In addition to supplementing calcium through your daily diet or calcium supplements, it is important for your body to take in calcium more efficiently and to reduce the loss of ingested calcium. By choosing Eubone™, a specially formulated botanical blend with three traditional Chinese herbs: Eucommia ulmoides, Drynaria fortunei and Cuscuta chinensis you can choose the natural, herbal alternative that is scientifically proven to be safe and effective. Additionally, to meet the problems of calcium absorption, we have made EuBoneTM for the purpose of enhancing calcium absorption. In order to ensure the quality of our herbal formulations, we hand selected the best herbs only from the authentic medicinal material cultivation areas with full traceability from harvest to extract.


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