Wellbeing Subsidiary KGK Science Announces
Positive Clinical Trial Results of JointAlive®
Supplementation in Treating OA

Arthritis is one of the most common chronic diseases, with more than one hundred types. Worldwide, more than 355 million people have some form of arthritis. Bone mineral density (BMD) is an indicator of bone strength. The human body’s BMD usually peaks between ages 25-35. After that, the bone density subsequently decreases. Therefore, many middle-aged and elderly people will display symptoms of low BMD under physical examination.

Joint problems should be prevented, diagnosed and treated early. Eating a balanced diet and eating more calcium-rich foods such as milk and green leafy vegetables can help slow bone loss. In addition, some bone and joint health supplements can help slow the degradation of articular cartilage, maintain joint mobility, and strengthen cartilage. However, due to the limitations of current treatment methods, the bone and joint health market has an increasing demand for effective and safe alternatives, including natural health products with pain relief potential. So a natural formulas of composed of branded ingredients have an important place in the realm of bone and joint care.

Chenland’s JointAlive® is a patented branded ingredient, which is composed of three Chinese medicinal ingredients: Epimedium, Discoria and Salvia Miltiorrhiza. Together they have a history of more than 2,000 years of consumption. JointAlive® is scientifically formulated to bring this traditional formula to the modern supplement market. And as a natural all-plant formula, JointAlive® is free of animal ingredients and chemical synthetics. It is a natural bone and joint protector, which can quickly provide lasting relief for joint pain and effectively support joint health. Studies have shown that JointAlive® can help relieve joint pain within 7 days, increase the speed of joint self-repair by 1.3 times, greatly reduce joint inflammation and swelling, and improve joint flexibility. More research shows that JointAlive® has broken through its original functional direction. It can not only serve various people who are troubled by joint problems, but also has a strong applications in the field of pet nutrition. It can also be used as a health supplement.

Recently, Chenland in partnership with KGK Science in Canada launched a new clinical trial of JointAlive®, which aims to verify the safety and performance of JointAlive® in reducing the symptoms of knee joint inflammation and improving the functions of patients with mild to moderate knee arthritis effectiveness. 72 males and females aged 40-73 years were enrolled in this study. Participants took either JointAlive® or a placebo daily for 12 weeks.

The results of this trial are now available – Vancouver, British Columbia, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. (“luxury“or the”a company”) (NEO: midi) (Off the stock exchange: Conf) (From: SQ2), an evidence-based mental health care company focused on developing and implementing innovative clinical solutions, including psychedelic medicine and digital therapies as supported by clinical research, announces that a clinical study conducted by KGK Science Inc. Its wholly-owned subsidiary (“KGK”) has positive results from supplementation with JointAlive® in the treatment of osteoporosis (OA). Results showed that it was safe and effective in improving knee joint function in adults with knee osteoarthritis (OA) and self-reported knee pain who were otherwise healthy.

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled intervention showed that supplementation with JointAlive® provided reductions in current knee pain at 6 and 12 weeks, whereas those given the placebo reported no improvement. Additionally, after 12 weeks, 53% of participants taking JointAlive® reported a clinically significant improvement in their symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. By comparison, only 28% of participants in the placebo group reached the same threshold.

“This clinically targeted change has an impact in this group of patients with self-reported knee pain,” says Dr. Mal Evans, chief scientific officer of KGK Science.

Chenland Nutritionals Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Zimin Liu, added, “JointAlive® is the first TCM-based formula that promotes joint health within 7 days, improves joint flexibility and helps maintain joint health. In addition, the Department of Food and Drug, without objection, added JointAlive® as a new food component and on 3 structural functions. This study is a critical step in providing consumers with scientific and safe alternatives to address aches and discomfort and bring natural health products to market.”

Up to now, JointAlive® has passed 3 preclinical efficacy verifications, 5 safety and toxicology studies and 2 clinical studies; it also has passed the official FDA NDI certification for new dietary ingredients, and is the first pure Chinese medicine compound in the NDI catalog. It has also a completed FDA structure/function claim filing to support joint health structure-function claims. This fully shows that it has a sufficiently high level of security.